#TuesdayT: Apologizing

Challenging truths for life and leadership

This week's truth is simple to understand, but hard to implement:

Leaders genuinely apologize when they screw up.

For example, I used sarcasm yesterday in a meeting to make a point. While I still believe in the point I was making, my sarcasm embarrassed another leader in the room.

In retrospect, I should have not used sarcasm and had a private conversation with the leader. In essence, my behavior was abusing the power the position gives me.

I was 100% wrong in doing this.

Thus, I needed to apologize.

So, today I sought out this individual and apologized to them.

This experience reminded me that I need to choose my words wisely. And when I don't, I need to own my actions.

I need to apologize.

Is there someone you need to apologize to?

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