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#TheoThursday is an "almost-weekly" post that examines how the Bible shapes all aspects of life, including leadership. I will share my personal applications from the week's readings, and maybe make a few comedic musings (THAT is in the Bible!?). I hope some will join me in this pursuit. To learn more, download the CCC Life app and click the "Bible Savvy" tab at the bottom of the homepage.

This week’s reading: Jeremiah chapters 18-22 , Matthew chapters 12:22-13:58, Psalm 118

My top application as a leader:

My top application as a husband/father:

Who should read these chapters?

What was funny or surprising about what you read?

Do you find reading the Bible intimidating? Or, do you have no idea where to even begin? If so, I would encourage you to check-out the The Bible Project, which utilizes cartoons (CARTOONS!) to explain the contents of the Bible.

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