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As I got out of my car Monday morning at Starbucks, I noticed a crumpled-up water bottle and aluminum can in the parking lot. Before walking by them, as is my natural habit unfortunately —I did not put it there after all —I bent down, picked them up, and threw them away.

The plastic waste issue is real. It is sad. And it is something we have to stop talking about, mostly arguing about, and actually do something.

Picking up one piece of plastic is not going to resolve anything.

But what if we all did?

What if we stopped littering in the first place?

Again, this would not solve the problem. But wouldn’t it be an incredible change?

There is so much to say on this topic, and I have written an Op-Ed that will begin appearing next month, so more to come on my thoughts.

But for now, do something.

Imagine if the critics spent equal amounts of time doing, as they already do criticizing. Wouldn’t we be better off?

I can control them, so I’m spending this day strategizing with our team how we are going to make spouted pouches more environmentally friendly. We have many ideas. And we are going to do something big.

We are all-in on this pursuit.

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