Behind Bald in Business

ALEX Hoffer

Christ Follower, Husband, Father, VP of Sales

The name of this blog has a two fold meaning: the first is obvious - I'm bald and I'm in business. The second comes from an alternative definition of bald, which is not manifested physically, rather in action and character. Synonyms include: unembellished, uncovered, simple, bare. 

To me, these words suggest honesty, openness and vulnerability. So being "bald", at its core, is my heart as a writer, speaker, brother in Christ, and professional. It's at the core of Bald in Business. 

The bottom line is this: it's easy to neatly compartmentalize our faith life and work life in boxes. It's messy & challenging to let these two parts collide. 

So let's boldly lean in.

Walk alongside me as I not only share leadership and personal growth stories, but also examine how faith & career challenge and transform leadership. 

Let's explore the radical idea that the unity of faith and business is not only possible, but powerful.


Prayer requests? Questions? Just want to chat about life? Shoot me a message.

I'd love to hear from you.

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embrace bald, stay bold

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